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Julietta Arden-Taylor Photography

I’m re-posting this amazing blog article by Julietta, who is an extremely professional and talented local photographer. Have a read...

Therapy Written by Andy Taylor

  • Northants Hypnotherapy

Therapy used to be an enigma. Something that wasn’t discussed, something to hide, not for sharing. In some cases, not even with those we love the most. For many of us, especially in older generations, therapy is something we grew up with thought of as a last resort to solving problems, a sign of weakness maybe, or so it seemed. Thankfully, there is a new era of understanding and real proof that therapy can be effective for our mental and emotional wellbeing.    In recent years, a lot of science has come in to the mainstream that supports mental health therapy in a positive way. Mainstream media and celebrity exposure have had a positive impact, not always in a positive way when an individual’s personal life is laid bare without consent or worse, when it’s too late. But even then, there is a value in other people’s sorrow. Real life is for everyone, mental health does not discriminate by gender or social circumstance. As unique as we all are, many of us face the same challenges. And that’s ok. One of the biggest lessons for all us is it’s ok to not be ok.    The key to positive action and positive change, and to anything new in life is to start small. Small changes, small actions, small goals. Take it easy on yourself and making it easy, small, and achievable will change your mindset, change your ambition, change your life. Momentum creates momentum, and once you have an emotional attachment, things can change for the better.     These days there is a myriad of self-help tools, where to start can be overwhelming with books, apps, podcasts, social media, and self-help tools. Information overload and constant exposure to all manner of information can lead to mental paralysis, or the inability to do anything. Overwhelmed to the point where we feel paralysed. Unable to take positive action or any kind of action whatsoever, without help.    Just talking about thoughts and feelings can make you feel better, whomever that person is, a close friend, a colleague, a spouse or relative. Someone you feel can trust, someone who will listen. But listening is a difficult skill, and it is a skill. This is something that not all of us have even considered and it’s not the first thought we have when looking for an outlet for our fears and emotions. Even trained therapists will tell you how hard it can be to resist a natural desire to offer opinion, to guide and give advice. As helpful as the listener feels in offering advice or opinion, it’s often not as helpful as it may seem. Sometimes you just need to talk and have someone listen. No judgement, no advice, no opinion, just deep and active listening.   It’s even more valuable if that person is qualified and experienced in listening and other skills such as hypnotherapy, to help with your mindset. There are so many amazing ways to improve your resilience and mental well-being, and I was delighted to meet and photograph a local hypnotherapist Susan Hodgson from Northants Hypnotherapy   Susan can help you in controlling anxiety, fear, and phobia. She developed Northants Hypnotherapy to help people just like us, to quit smoking, to manage weight, to control anxiety or be free from fear and phobia forever.   If you still feel there is any stigma attached to therapy, think again.    Visit Susan’s website to learn more about how she can help you by using a blend of Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, NLP and CBT. ” Northants Hypnotherapy

  • Sue Hodgson

How did I meet Sue? “The editor of Clay Shooter Magazine wanted some high resolution pictures for an article about Sonny Bowman, and I realised I’d only got some photos taken with my phone! I set about looking for a professional photographer and Julietta’s website stood out to me. I just knew this was the right person for me. And, I was right, because Julietta responded quickly and was able to fit my photo shoot in, and get the photos edited and sent back to me within a few days! They were perfect and nothing was too much trouble. We had fun too, which made the experience a pleasure.”

Sue has a lovely warm and welcoming therapy room


written by Susan Hodgson

Julietta is very professional, but fun and caring photographer. I absolutely loved working with her, she made the whole experienced relaxed and enjoyable - even on the hottest day of the year! Sue x

To see more of Julietta’s work visit commercial and headshots click on the links.

Contact Julietta to find out how she can help you.

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