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NCH - Northants Hypnotherapy

The largest directory of Hypnotherapy Practioners in the UK and Ireland plus free listing for hypnotherapists.

NCH - Northants Hypnotherapy

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & General Hypnotherapy Register.

Protecting the public and promoting good practice, unity and continuing development within the profession.

PLTA - Northants Hypnotherapy

The Past Life Therapists Association. 

find a Past Life Therapist in your area.

Hypnosis Downloads - Northants Hypnotherapy

Powerful hypnotherapy downloads from experienced hypnotherapists.

Scripts also available for hypnotherapists.

Watford Hypno - Northants Hypnotherapy

Watford Hypno provides Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, NLP, RCP and CBT in Watford, Hertfordshire

NCH - Northants Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Professional Association.

The largest not-for-profit association in the UK. Learn more about hypnotherapy and the Association's Codes of Conduct.

TAG - Northants Hypnotherapy

​Training Alliance Group provide training that is fully validated by professional governing bodies and Department for Education​

Hypnosis Downloads - Northants Hypnotherapy
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