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Hypnotic Fasting
Hypnotic Fasting Bronze
Hypnotic Fasting Silver
Hypnotic Fasting Gold
Online Hypnotic Fasting Bronze
Online Hypnotic Fasting Silver
Online Hypnotic Fasting Gold


The Hypnotic Fasting Plans use a combination of one-to-one sessions and audio hypnosis.
It can be used whichever Fast you use:
  • 16:8
  • 5:2
  • Eat Stop Eat
  • Alternate Day
  • The Warrior
The audio hypnosis (mp3 downloads) can be listened in both the classic (passive) way and also the new Active way. (The Active mp3 is only available in the Silver or Gold Plans.)
The two sessions will make your fasting comfortable and we also work to give your metabolism a boost.
If you choose to have the Silver or Gold Plan you have a third session. This is tailored to you and can be used following the first two sessions if required or "saved" for when it's needed if restarting or adjustments are needed and there will be no time limit to use this session.
If you'd like more information on Fasting, download Your 
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