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Drink Less Alcohol - 28 Day Challenge Online Group

Northants Hypnotherapy - Drink Less Alco

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Drink Less Alcohol - 28 Day Challenge Online Group uses hypnosis within a group setting via Zoom to bring about positive changes to habits and behaviours that you may have around alcohol. 

The Group will meet online for 4 weeks, for an hour of support and hypnosis, concentrating on making changes within the subconscious mind to help you automatically want to cut down your alcohol consumption, while taking on the 28 day challenge to achieve your own personal goal.


I am keen to keep the group relatively small so that everyone can benefit greatly from the quality of service.


The plan consists of four weekly 1 Hour Meetings plus an exclusive private Facebook Group and is £195 per person for the whole plan.

This group Session is intended for those wishing to cut down their alcohol consumption, but not for those who suffer from alcohol abuse.

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