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Past Life Regression


Have you ever wondered who you used to be in a previous life? Maybe even met someone and felt instantly that you'd known them forever? Have you had dreams that relate to an unknown life, place or family that seem so real? Past Life Regression is an effective way of unlocking these secrets to uncover our previous lives.

Past Life Regression can also be used to isolate an issue that may have been brought forward into your present life, a phobia for instance, that cannot be linked to any situation in your current lifetime.

I will chat to you briefly about why you want to make the journey back, and then use hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to unlock the lives of your past.


Because there is quite a lot to get through, each session lasts for 90 minutes and could run over. 

Are you ready to discover who you were?​ Call 07496 535290 or use the contact form  make an appointment now. Alternatively you can Book Online.


Whether you're just intrigued or whether you feel you have issues being brought forward from a past life affecting you now, discover your past lives using gentle hypnosis...
Past Life Regression
90 min Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime. Please make sure you are in quiet, relaxed surroundings free from external disturbances before y...
Online Past Life Regression
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