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Northants Hypnotherapy - Downloads

Free Downloads

Why not take advantage of these downloads that have been made available as a complementary service.
Choose from the following sessions:
As an alternative to face to face and Online Sessions, I am delighted to offer the following mp3 downloads to help people, who may just want to listen in their own time, in the c comfort of their own home.
Each download can be installed onto a smart phone or tablet and is ready to use immediately.​
There are over 1000 hypnotherapy downloads available, covering a wide range of issues such as , weight loss, self-confidence, smoking cessation, social anxiety, learning help, relationship issues, self-esteem and lifestyle hypnosis.
I guarantee that you will love the way you feel after using these hypnosis downloads, or you'll get your money back!

Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnotherapy Scripts - For Therapists

If you're a hypnotherapy professional, you are welcome to download the hypnosis scripts for an extensive range of issues too, using the button below!
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