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Driving can be difficult to learn and enjoy if you are a bag of nerves. That's just a small part of you doing it's job, very effectively, to protect you. But this can prevent you from driving to places you want to be able to go and doing things you want to do, limiting the life you want to live.


It can even get in the way of passing your driving test, making it feel so much more of a 'thing' than it really needs to be.


Hypnosis makes changes within the  subconscious mind to ease that over reacting warning system, calming it down, putting it into perspective, but still allowing you to drive safely and competently, allowing you to begin to enjoy driving.

The Confident Driving Plan gives you 3 x 1 Hour sessions to build your confidence in the areas of driving that you need it in. The Driving Test Nerves Course gives you 2 x 1 Hour Sessions to help you get a driving test pass!


These sessions are available as face to face appointments in the clinic or online via video call.

Driving Test Nerves Course
Confident Driving Plan
2 x 1 Hour Driving Test Nerves Hypnotherapy Session via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime. Please make sure you are in quiet, relaxed surroundings free from external disturbances befor...
Online Driving Test Nerves Course
Three 1 Hour online hypnotherapy sessions via video call to help build your confidence around driving. (Please use the information box to give me a little more info when...
Online Confident Driving Course
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