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Susan hodgson - Northants Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis in Kettering for Anxiety, Virtual Gastric Band, Weight Management, Smoking, Fears, Gambling, Past Life Regression, plus much more at Northants Hypnotherapy in Kettering .....

May I Help You?








My name is Susan Hodgson CDHP, Dip. NLP, Dip. CBT, Dip PLT, and I developed Northants Hypnotherapy to help people just like you, to quit smoking, manage their weight, control their anxiety or be free from fear and phobia forever.​

I also specialise in Virtual Gastric Band.





How I can help you...


Every person has their own unique treatment need, so you and I will discuss and discover what it is YOU need. Then we will form a bespoke Therapeutic Alliance together, to implement the changes required to make your life richer, more fulfilling and enjoyable: life is for living!

​You can also be comfortable and safe in the knowledge that your therapy will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.


Extra help...


I am also able to offer you optional mp3 downloads for hypnosis, covering over 1000 different treatments. They can be downloaded onto any mp3 device for immediate use, making therapy conveniently accessible for those who are unable to visit me at the studio, or for those who prefer to resolve their issues by themselves.

There are also scripts  available to download for practicing hypnotherapists too.


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